7 genius gadget on amazon under 30$

Gadgets are great and help us in many ways, but these days the tech people are super awesome. Making innovative gadgets that are cool, useful and are amazing to have with you and will just make you feel good by having them.

Gadgets can be used anywhere weather in your home, outside or any place we go there is some kind of gadgets that we are always using. That is why we got you some cool gadgets that you can get on amazon in just under 30$.

Time cube

We have seen many timers that are mechanical and digital too with modern technology and great ideas too. But this time cube will just give you a great feeling by just having, and there is something about this cube that whoever buys it, gives it a great rating and love having it. The time cube is basically a timer in the shape of a cube that you will see have time written on it. Then you need to just take that cube to make the number side face the top and turn it on and you will get notified with the ring when time is up.

Long Distance Lamp

Are you also sick of holding your tea bag in your hand while drinking your tea? Because I’m for sure and that is why this is a great gadget for you it’s simple yet so useful. If you also love tea as much as I do for sure this is the thing you won’t believe me. I got this product just to have a peaceful time having my tea without worrying about that tea bag. So you should too just attached the tea fisherman which is like a clipper having a rod that has a hook where you can place your tea bag thread and stop worrying about just holding your tea bag.

Pivot powerpoint

Oh when I saw this one I really just surprised, I mean we all know the problem with our home appliances right? Sometimes when we go out we just forget to turn them off. Then later on when we realize that we can’t even enjoy the place where we are in and this happens a lot when I say a lot I mean a lot. At least with me, I always end up doing that but after this, it was no problem, the point connects with a Wi-Fi with your phone. So once you placed that pivot powerpoint you will see a light and then when syncing to the phone you place your phone above wait till it gives the sound and the syncing will be done. After that, you can control the first 2 switches from the pivot powerpoints from anywhere no matter where you just turn it off or turn it on. If you want you can even make a schedule when they will get turn on and when they will get turned off. Even you can rename them to the things that are attached so you will know what exactly you are turning on or off.

GDC money clip

This is the next safety device you need the gadget is just 3 inch something and can easily fit in your pocket. Take your cash or card with this money clip wallet and that is not just it, you get a blade for your security fit inside the money clip. In this you will see the ring where you get a 1inch sharp blade hidden and will help you if someone tries to harm you and take your money, it can easily hold 5 cards so if you just need your cards you can use this too.

Rank magnetic wristband

Have you also had trouble finding your tools when you working? Well, I have so this is the solution just take whatever tools you need and attach it in this wristband which will hold them for you. Whether it’s screws or your nut bolts you can put anything there, comes super handy especially while working on cars or stuff.

Flip kabob

If you love food and especially barbeque this is the thing to get, the flip kabob is specially made for barbeque food. The people who love eating kebab then this flipper is for you as its specially made for the kebab and an easy time making the kebab.

Color Changing Umbrella

Having fun while you go out in the rain is what I live for, and when all need an umbrella while we go out them why settle for a normal one? When you can have a colorful one. Color changing Umbrella works like that the black Umbrella comes with drop design that is white but when you go out in the rain and as soon as the raindrops fell on the Umbrella it will start changing its color. Every side comes with a different color, having this Umbrella is cool and fun.

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