Best Sous Vide Machine Buying Guide

· Most of the youngsters love cooking and making new dishes and posting it on their social accounts. Due to COVID lockdown, everyone is cooking at their home, and they are using the latest and trending techniques.

· There are various cooking methods, including boiling frying and even roasting, but do you know the last few years sous vide cooking has become very popular? It is also known as the modernist cooking technique, and it is better than your everyday dinner technique.

· There are specialized machines used for making this kind of dish.

· Sous vide machine can cost you around 200 to 500 dollars, depending upon your budget.

· Sous Vide is a proper technique that is used for the process of vacuum-sealing food and then making them using hard and soft boiled water. This technique takes a lot of time compared to others, but the food quality and the natural minerals of the food remain the same.

· This method does not add any preservation in your packet and keeps it natural.

Reasons to have Sous vide

There is various type of reasons that you should consider having sous vide at your home.

Sous Vide Machine

Reasons why you should consider buying it?


  • Everyone wants to stay germfree, and people are scared of germs due to this COVID.
  • Food safety is one of the most priorities that everyone focuses on. Even one of the most prominent restaurants and hotels also goes for food safety first compared to their taste.
  • So sweet can I help you terminate a high amount of harmful nutrients to your body, and it helps us maintain the proper prosperity of the food.
  • It does not use any proper extra cooking techniques such as oil or any other. You can use natural heat from the container, which helps us cook the food evenly from all the sites compared to a meal prepared from one side or a particular area.


  • Let’s consider you’re busy, and you don’t want to waste your time cooking yourself a meal, but you also don’t want to order it online.
  • What should you do?
  • There is an excellent and straightforward answer to this by Sous Vide as it can help you to create or make your meal easily by just putting them in the cooker and switching on your device.
  • It’s mentioned that a 15-year-old kid could cook a hard dish such a steak in these kinds of cookers in less time, and they taste delicious.


  • Everyone is annoyed by the hens going messed up while cooking, or they have a smell of particular cooking items that you don’t want to smell for a long time.
  • Cooking is difficult, and it does take a lot of hard work and can cause a mess in your surrounding.
  • Sous Vide mess-free cooking techniques that you can use in your household as you don’t have to cook anything or use any hand whatsoever.
  • You have to put the dash in the cooker, and it will directly take heat energy by just pressing some buttons on the digital display.


  • Cooking can be exciting, and you don’t have to order from restaurants.
  • Sous vide is an easy but productive way of cooking, and it is also stylish.
  • It causes less mess, and it produces a more juicy and delicious amount of food.


Kitchen Gizmo Sous Vide

· Kitchen gizmo is a manufacturer of different kitchen wares and modern kitchen technologies.

· There is a premium range 800-watt sous vide has a new product that they launched this summer.

· It has a premium built body with a handle with high polymer soft plastic, which gives it a feeling of comfort Ness. It is comfortable to hold and used as the ergonomic design uses a proper hand shape over to the panel.

· They use stainless steel over to the bottom side, which gives a high amount of heat in less time.

· It also comes with a graphical panel over-the-top, which shows some temperature and water details.

· You can also customize it through its button over the top panel, which has a silver finishing to them with a glossy look.

· The company also provides a bonus recipe book with the device.

· Overall, this is one of the best Sous vide you can get under a price in India 15000 INR.

fusionchef by Julabo

Sous Vide Machine

· Fusion chef is a source file from a brand called Julabo, which is famous for the premium and chef-level innovative products.

· They have different variants according to the price you are willing to spend, and they have a name called pearl series, which goes on with a variety of sizes and customization.

· The devices are suitable for restaurants, and home uses as well.

· Fusion chef pearl is there starting range of Sous vide cooker.

· It is built with a glossy metallic finish and has a rectangular design to it.

· It comes with a big display over the top, with various customizable buttons and temperature settings.

· It also comes with a wireless heating feature.

· It also comes with an inbuilt speaker, which can alarm you under various circumstances.

· It has a heating panel over to the backside, which has grilled all over it and helps us to heat the water quickly.

· It also comes with a timer install to it, which helps us cook the food with a particular time limit.

· It also comes with a high capacity pump, which can carry around 14 liters of water in a minute.

· It has a low-level water alarm, which can help you receive some water and time.

· It also has a hygienic anti-fingerprint stainless good which has a matt but glossy finish.

· Fusion chef also installed a temperature display in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

· It has an ipx4 protection glass that can protect it from breakage and waterproofing.

· They also come with vapor barrier protection, which can help the machine to survive longer.

· It also comes with a vessel that can fill up to 58 lit0res that makes it a restaurant-grade product.

· It has a certification from NSF and UL.

· The device has curved edges over the top and below and has a glossy screen to it.

· It also has a rotatable panel over to the center.

· Fusion chef also installed a safety feature.

· Overall, it is one of the best Sous vide cooker you can get, but it is on the costlier side.…