How to Use a Power Bank

Using a power bank is an easy job, and anyone can do it. Here are some steps for using a different kind of power banks easily without giving much time.

Firstly you need to check whether your power bank has a power on and off button. Usually, power Banks do not offer any buttons in them, but some of them do. If your power bank has buttons, you might want to switch it on and off while using it; after doing that, you need to plug your required wire in your power bank and then connect it directly to your mobile phone.

After checking and connecting all the wires, you need to press the button if your power Bank supports that. Most power Bank doesn’t include any control on their front facade. Then you need to connect it to your phone, and it will automatically start and stop. It is one of the easiest methods to use a power bank for iPhone and trust us. There is no other way to use a power bank.

If you are planning to buy a new power bank, here is a list of the power bank you should at least check

Realme 10000mAh 12W Quick Charge

Realme power banks are well known for their premium finish and the powerful support that they offer. This power bank has a battery boot space of 10000mAh, which is enough to charge your mobile phone twice or thrice a day. The power bank supports a 12-watt quick charge, which is not powerful support, but it is decent at this price point.

The device also comes with two way fast charging support and has dual output and input options. It also comes with high-density lithium polymer batteries, which are safe, and they also provide a low current mode. The Realme power bank comes with a 3D design supreme texture, which is attractive and feels premium. The Realme power bank is sleek and has a decent design pattern, which is very slim.

OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank

Oneplus is famous for its dash charging, and they provide one of the best fast chargers in the world. This power bank is from one plus, and it is known for its high power support and its design. This one plus charger comes with fast charging support and has a power output of 18 watts, a super-fast charging.

The device features a 1-year warranty by the company and also comes with an extra carry pouch. The brand offers two-way charging support, and you can charge two devices at the same time. You also get dual USB power support, which has different outputs. You can also connect it with your USB c and USB cable. The device comes with 12 layer protection, which makes it a durable product. It also provides an attractive and lightweight design and weighs around 225 grams only. You get four items in your box.

On the designing side, It offers a 3D cut body that has grip patterns over it. The device also comes with a lithium-ion battery cell composition and has two ports.